Monday, October 30, 2006

Merging memories

How do you merge your TM files? It is a classic question. Although merging memory files is supposed to be an easy task, it can be hard when your files come from other tools or saved in different encodings. Let's see how AppleTrans handles this.

The clip below also demonstrates how you can make Apple glossary from the glossary files posted on Apple's FTP site. See Creating Apple glossary for more information.

Here I downloaded an archive of Spanish glossary, joined several files to make a corpus for AirPort product, and then saved it as a TMX file. See how much you can do in a couple of minutes of time.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Making multilingual glossary

The following clip shows how to create a multilingual glossary using AppleTrans editor. Basically, what you do is to create a tab-delimited table of words. You may find Excel is better doing this type of work.

You might notice that some entries have multiple translation for a language. Those variations are delimited by "\n" escape character. By switching languages in the preferences, you can use the glossary in any combination of languages.

Also note that you can lookup a word reversely from target language to source language. When AppleTrans cannot find a word, it attempts to lookup the word in the target language.