Monday, September 12, 2005

Shortcut forgotten

Today's movie demonstrates how the memory based translation is done in AppleTrans. You may find a different approach than what you get used to in the other tools. It also shows briefly how the "Auto translation" option of the Translation tool works.

In this demo, I used a keyboard shortcut (Control - D) in the corpus view quite often. This shortcut is not explained clearly in the manual, but it is very important item to remember. Mastering this shortcut makes your process much faster.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Project to handle bulk files

AppleTrans project lets you bundle a bulk of files that belong to a translation project. From the project window, you can run a batch process for selected files. It works good for web materials, for example, where you tend to get lots of files organized in a hierarchy.

The project is not only for running batch tasks, it also lets you browse and edit the target files through a single multi-document window. You do not need to struggle finding and opening individual files. Pre-translation helps you get some statistics of the target materials too.

The following movie shows how to set up a project and run a pre-translation. The target materials are taken from iChat Tiger, while the reference corpus is made from iChat Panther. I used an iBook 500MHz in this demo, so AppleTrans may appear a bit sluggy there.